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Welcome to Seattle. The Emerald City. Geographically disconnected from the rest of the UCAS but, thanks to the wonders of the wireless world, seperated only by a thought. The only UCAS port on the west coast of North America and surrounded on all sides by the autonomous tribal nations of the Salish Shidhe Council, Seattle is a city of diversity and colour. Even after the Night of Rage in 2039 it maintains a strong metahuman diversity, especially in the criminal underworld.
Seattle is a rich, thriving metroplex of bright lights and deep shadows. Where the rise and fall of fortunes is dictated by wits, determination and no small amount of luck, and lives can change forever in the blink of an AI.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
- Henry Ford

Campaign News


Just in case any of you are still watching for updates on this page, you should head over to the new site for Season 2. I’ll leave this page up, but this ought to be the last update. Have fun in Denver!


It’s been a hell of a ride guys. This campaign has far, far exceeded anything I could have hoped for going in, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch it all unfold.
Now that this chapter has wrapped up and you’ve chosen to flee Seattle you’re going to have to start again from scratch to a certain degree. So to help you ease into your new home concluding write ups will be rewarded when we next start playing with snippets of appropriate local knowledge, and contacts in the area. At my discretion of course ;)


Since they announced customisable CSS for campaigns I’ve been getting pretty excited about having a go, so for the next few weeks the place might looka a bit weird as I play around with it. If you log on one day and the page you’re working on suddenly looks all kinds of weird just put up with it for the moment, I probably know about it, and it’s being fixed. If it’s so fucked up you cant use it give me a shout and ill get it workable again as soon as possible.


I’ve had a new idea for log post rewards, mostly because that last session was so wonderfully RP heavy that no one really rolled any dice, so giving you edge for writing it up might be a bit redundant.
From now on, if you write up a mission log before the next session you can choose either 1 edge for the next session, 1 karma added to your character or ¥200 to be spent on what you like (you found a credstick on the ground, bought a scratchcard, hacked someones store loyalty account, or any other explanation you can think of).
I will also be handing out rewards to players who create and update wiki pages. The more we get down the easier it will be to carry this campaign on if/when we pick it for the next season, and it means we get a nice permanent archive of the game.

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