TBear aka BumHug

Many have asked TBear how he got the nickname BumHug, all deny asking and turn pale when questioned about the ordeal....


TBear was abandoned by his blood parents at an early age in the forest of dean, england, after they couldn’t put up with the shame and embarrassment of having a goblinficated son. He grew up in the woods largely on his own and as a result was fairly feral creature, for a child he was extremely strong after fighting the wild boars that lurked amongst the trees.

When he was seven years old he was taken in by a small settlement of Orcs that lived in a cave system in flaxley woods, south of Longhope. These Orcs were drug smugglers, the forest was known as a rife area for drug smuggling, production and dealing, and TBear became one of the operations ‘musclemen’. Over the years TBear became very enthusiastic about his work and climbed his way through the ranks until he became one of ‘the boss’s’ bodyguard. The boss was a huge Orc, almost like an orc-troll hybrid, he was in charge and dealt with the biggest ‘clients’.

TBear was accompanying the boss to a particular deal with yuri the russian, well known in the trade for being a bastard. The boss was wary but the smuggling route into Russia that Yuri was proposing was too good to turn down. During the deal shit turned real bad, it turned out Yuri had been his stand Bastard self and was fronting for a rival gang, the gang had hired one of the toughest bounty hunters ‘Omega DelaCruz’, and she had blown the boss’s face clean off with her signature weapon, a shotgun that looked more like it belonged on a tank.

TBear managed to escape, but not without injury, some shrapnel from omega’s shotgun had punched into his skull where it remains today, which has made him quite irrational and causes him to do some really wierd fucking things sometimes.

TBear made it back to his home in the forest but, in the absence of the boss the place had been trashed by the rival gang, whoever hadnt died had already fled. TBear didnt have many friends in the world but he did know of a dealer in Paris that he worked with pretty regularly that was looking for muscle.

So TBear arrived in Paris and managed to track down Adrienne Morel, who agreed to accept TBear into the gang and he was paid in food and shelter. During his time working for Adrienne, TBear worked alongside a young man called Pierre, the two of them struck up as much of a friendship as you could get between a man and an orc, but they looked out for each other. Pierre would help him to interact with other races, something Tbear wasnt too good at, and he would keep an eye on Pierre when he was tripping balls. Things were pretty good for TBear and Adrienne grew in power, until one morning the police came, TBear had been sleeping in a chair in the corner of a room while Pierre had been rolling around the floor in a drug induced haze of consciousness. As TBear came too, he saw Pierre flaying two officers to pieces with his blade before jumping out the window to make his escape; as another two officers charged in to grab TBear, the first officer clubbed him around the face. TBear stood up blood dripping down his face and grabbed the man by the jaw- ripping it from his head before turning and skewering the splintered ends into other officers eye sockets, he leapt out of the window and ran for his escape, clutching the jaw in his hand, a trophy he now wears around his one shoulder.

The Last known rumours of TBears whereabouts are that he works for an arms dealer in Norway.

TBear aka BumHug

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