Tactical Chunder

A chain of ‘Derelict Chic’ restaurants that knows it’s place and knows its customers. The unappetising name combined with the raw grease content of the ‘food’ keeps the yuppies, corp drones and respectable citizens away leaving the target market- the low-lifes, wasters and street people, free to be themselves under the dim neon lights and slightly-too-loud ork rock.
Tactical Chunder is known on the streets for being a tech free zone- no cameras, no bugs, and no AROs. Everything you need to know is right up there on the walls. Not everyone has a ’link, and the fine people at your local Chunder respect your right to walk the real world.


The Chunder Special
Burger cheese sandwiched between a beef and a chicken flavoured burger; wrapped in donner meat and deep fried in batter; served in a bun with salad, bacon and more cheese

Sloppy Chunder
Baked potato with soya chilli, baked beans, squeezy cheese and garlic mayo. mustard optional.

Whoever came up with the name for this place must have been drunk as hell. It grows on you though…
- Sk1n

Tactical Chunder

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