Dunning-Kruger Corporation

Dunning-Kruger are an up and coming shipping firm who specialise in importing high end electronic hardware from Asia.

From their head office in Tacoma they have been expanding rapidly, and their aggressive takeovers of several smaller rivals have led to excited speculation about their future in the market.

D-K have strong ties with the port authority and bring in specialist electronics for a large number of Seattle businesses including Megas like Neonet and Horizon. Hushed rumours suggest they also have ties to one of the gangs in the dockland area, but the web is surprisingly quiet when it comes to negative chatter about D-K. Either they’re the cleanest corp around or they have one hell of a PR department…

A list of the major players in Dunning-Kruger for your reference and enjoyment :)

Marcus Hughes- This guy is the rock of the whole organisation, he’s old school, been there from the start and worked his ass off to get DK where they are today. He’s known for his aggressive behaviour- he’s an ex boxer and likes to resolve things with a fight. He used to make big gambles but he has learned to calm down a bit these recent years and leaves the risky business deals to his protege: John Konrad. His wife, Jenna Halton is 20 years his junior and a very successful tennis player (trophy wife anyone?). She hasn’t been seen with him at functions as much lately.

John Conrad- Nicknamed ‘the ultimate yuppie’ this guy is young, rash and brave. He makes all the big ballsy decisions and takes on the risky clients but rarely fails. He has been mentored by Hughes and some say he’s being groomed to take over the whole company someday. He’s a notorious womaniser and is never photographed with the same woman twice. Rumours have been circulating that his latest conquest is none other than Jenna Halton- Hughes’ trophy wife! Scandal!

Angus Deaton- the head of shipping at DK. This guy is about as boring as it gets- no friends, no hobbies, no defining characteristics. Oh other than he’s a massive BTL addict. He is a good way to get some negative media attention to the company.

Anton Hargreaves- this guy is a pro. He’s almost invisible on the matrix, no digi-prints near nodes, no record of access to public sites or any e-mail or message logs. He’s a security wizard. This may be down to the fact that his father was an officer in Knight Errant. This piece of information was flagged up on a recent data search but was soon deleted from the ’net. Going after this guy is gonna be difficult but potentially worth it?

- Steeleye

Dunning-Kruger Corporation

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