15 Minutes

Gary 1.1
It begins..

As I sat there across the table from Mr. Johnson, surrounded by veteran Shadowrunners, I couldn’t believe my dream had finally come true.

Although the smells weren’t a part of the dream- Pierre and the Troll both had… ‘unique’ scents about them that no amount of VR TV could have prepared me for. Still, the others didn’t seem too bad although I’m sure the Dwarf lady wasn’t a part of the team back in the day.

Our first mission was to hunt down some ‘Barghests’ from some corp boss’ manor gardens. Everyone else seemed to know what the hell Mr. Johnson was talking about so I nodded and feigned understanding. I didn’t want to stand out as too green in front of everyone. From the brief descriptions the others gave, the Barghests sounded like big dogs or wolves maybe. They didn’t sound like much of a threat, I was packing the best taser money could buy- dogs would be a pushover!

On returning to Cal’s- a delightful hovel in a back alley in lower town, the group began to prepare for the raid ahead. Well except for Pierre that is, he just sat in the corner jacking up to some chem or another surrounded by beer bottles and hookers. I’m sure I remembered this being a lot more glamorous on TV… still, I was determined to fit in with this rough crowd so I did a few net searches on Barghests. Came up with some intel about a supersonic growl that they can apparently unleash. Didn’t sound like any dogs I’d ever seen at the pedigree contests. We decided to invest in some ear protection, they were costly but the return on completing the job would more than cover the expenses, not to mention the rep and promises of future employment with Mr. Johnson.


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