Contract security analyst


Ghost is a thrill-seeking infiltration expert who specialises in testing security systems by trying to break through them. She’s equally skilled at talking her way through guards as breaking and entering, and her impressive arsenal of high tech kit lets her bypass all but the most advanced sensors. Oh, and if a few valuable items happen to go missing in the course of her mission, well, that’s just the perks of the job.
However, just because she tends to avoid combat in favour of subtlety doesn’t mean she isn’t handy in a fight. Ghost always has a trick up her sleeves, in the form of her twin pistols, usually loaded with non-lethl gel rounds (murdering the employees of your client is generally considered bad form) and her elven agility and adept speed means she can go toe to toe with even seasoned fighters.
Ghost has a very distinctive appearance. As an albino her skin and hair are pale as snow and she goes to great lengths to continue the theme through the rest of her look. Whether in a business suit or a trenchcoat and street clothes you will always find her clad head to toe in brilliant white, the latest self cleaning fabrics ensuring not even a speck of dust will spoil her image. As a result Ghost doesn’t exactly blend into a crowd, but she sees this as a small price to pay for looking so damn good.



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