Gary 'Steeleye' Steele (deceased)


Male Human Drone Rigger


New to the Shadowrunning scene, Gary adopted the moniker ‘Steeleye’. His prodigious skills at hacking computers and networks set him apart from others over the years. He also managed to construct several robotic drones containing surveillance equipment. Gary was proficient at basic martial arms and pistol use although he had very little chance at using these skills outside of dojos and firing ranges.

Young, charismatic and intelligent, Gary was equally skilled at navigating the labyrinthine networks of VR as well as the (equally labyrinthine) social strata of the corporate elite.

When Mr. Johnson approached him saying that he had a job which required his particular skillset, Steeleye jumped at the chance to finally do what he had always dreamed of: Shadowrunning.

That the job required him to work with an existing team of veteran Runners (who Steeleye had followed fanatically all his life) was a very happy bonus.

Gary was the only member of the team who was aware that they had been formed to star in the latest season of the underground Sim show ‘Shadowrun Live’, a full hotsim recording of shadowrunners going about their business, recorded from the point of view of a member of the team. Gary was given the responsiblity of recording the show, while keeping the truth from the other runners.

His expertise with surveillance drones was given as the main reason for his recruitment into the programme. In fact, unknown to Steeleye himself, he was recruited under orders from his father, to give him a way to keep tabs on his associate, Ramirez.

Unfortunately, after finally gaining the trust, and perhaps even friendship, of the team Steeleye was outed and met a gruesome end at the hands of the people he had betrayed. His surveillance drones and hotsim recording rig were hacked, and every last part of his torture was sent to Ramirez as a warning.

His father is known to be in pursuit of the people responsible.

Gary 'Steeleye' Steele (deceased)

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