Cal Greigsson

Bar owner, fixer and all round nice guy.


Cal used to be pretty hot shit on the ‘running scene, but for some reason he decided to get out of the game and start up a shitty little bar in the back end of nowhere. Well, when I say ’some reason’ I mean he got old and slow, and nearly got dead. He was a much better runner than he is a barman, but thanks to the network of contacts who still tolerate him he’s a useful guy to have around.

When he’s not calling in old favours and getting his friends to waste their time building databases for newbies he can be found at his bar, the imaginiatively named Cal’s Bar.
Seriously, the guy never leaves.


You know, when I asked you to set this thing up I wasn’t intending there to be quite so much of your ‘wit’
- Cal

What the FUCK? I haven’t given you an account on this thing yet. How THE FUCK did you get in???
- Sk1n

Cal Greigsson

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