15 Minutes

Target: Dunning-Kruger

- 21/04/78 –
..Incoming Mail..

Congratulations on a job well done gentlemen.
You have proved your ability to kill dumb animals. Don’t think it will always be that easy.

I expect assets in my employ to be versatile and imaginative, your next mision will be a perfect chance to demonstrate that. Your target is a corp called Dunning-Kruger. D-K are a small time shipping firm who import specialist electronics from all over southeast Asia. I will discuss the more sensitive aspects of the job in person, but the methods you use to discredit and disrupt their business are up to you. However, bear in mind that this MUST NOT look like a hit. Dunning-Kruger are to be the victim of a series of unfortunate coincidences and unforseeable disruptions. Certain members of the board have powerful contacts and any backlash from your discovered involvement will not end well for any of us.
Never forget that you are deniable, disposable assets. If you involve me directly or lead anyone back to me the consequences will be severe. But of course, you already know that.

- Mr Johnson



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