15 Minutes

Pierre 3.1


It had been two days since the ten thousand new yen had appeared in my account, and I’d spent most off that time thinking on what to do with it.
Jimmy wanted us to go back to the way we were before…
Hell we’d all agreed to make that happen, I’d even put my difference with the Kid to one side for that reason, but going back to how we were that ment harder choise that just not killing some kid who lost his nerve for a moment, and we’ve all been there.
It ment making good on a promise to June.
I thought about all that money locked away from my habit, how we’d been to niev, to unwilling to think about what would happen if that money came to me if she…
I thought about the nights out, the girls, the drugs, all that money well over 100,000 new yen wasted.
June had all was said peaple liked me using drugs becose it ment they could control me, The Spider’s, Adrienne, they controlled the suply and so they controlled me, I hadn’t wanted to Beleive her, those people had been my friend they’d looked out for me, but she was right the drugs kept’d me needing them.
There had been a lot of arguments a lot of fighting about that,but she’d made me see sense, “one last op” she’d said, it would stop the drugs hold on me, leave me with the speed the reflex’s permanently no more need for chem’s.
The bio ware would be expensive finding a doc with the skill to do the op could cost more, but it could be done.

I looked again at the ten grand I couldn’t trust me self to keep it that much I new but who then? June was gone, and she wasn’t coming back, Celeste loved me to much to say no to me if I asked, Lamche much as I liked him would probably spend the money on his own augmentations, The Kid we may of kissed and made up but I trusted him about as far as I could throw him, Jimmy?…
Jimmy just the name left a bad taste in my mouth, the thought of asking him for help!
But my list of friends was growing short and dispite being a magpie there was not thrill for him taking money freely given, and he’d not only say no to my requests for money he’d take pleaser in doing so.

So hear I was in the back room of Cal’s facing the door with Jimmy sat opposite me, I hated my self for being hear, and hated him more for agreeing to come.
“I need your help” the words felt like poison on my lips, and as I watched his practiced carm hold back a smirk, I almost left.
“If we’re going to do this i need you to look after something for me” his expression turned to one of genuin curiosity as the eight thousand yen trickled in to his account.
“you’ll know when to give me it back” I stood and headed for the door porsing only when I drew next to him " just don’t let me spend it on.. You know"
I left as hurriedly as I could and Jimmy didn’t follow, didn’t come asking any questions I didn’t want to answer.
Maybe he new more than I thought, him and June had been prity tight back then, maybe I just thought better of it, eaver way I was greatful.



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