15 Minutes

Pierre 2.6


The two figures crouched in the darkness pressing themselves into the shadows. The door was less then 10 feet away, soon it would be time to move.
The Renraku corporation was one of the big guns but this was just a small research lab. Minimal security, an easy hit.
Blinking across their commlinks came the signal: ‘Go time boys!’
Within seconds the smaller figure was at the door clamping a maglock breaker to it, the larger pressed his back to the wall looking out for signs they had been spotted.
“Hurry up Pierre..” the trolls voice came as a whisper “Patience… voila” the French man pushed open the door and slipped inside.
They moved swiftly down the corridor pausing occasionally to wait for messages that the coast was clear.

Then as they reached a corner the messages stopped, Pierre looked back at Lanche questioningly, who simple shrugged in reply, something was wrong.
Pierre looked out round the corner. His enhanced reflexes jerked his head suddenly back in as a bullet grazed across his cheek, the shot had come way too fast and accurate for your average corp guard. Red Samurai…
There shouldn’t be Red Samurai here…
Something was very wrong. With just a look Pierre and Lanche moved as one back the way they had come, returning fire to the Samurai who had moved up to the corner they had vacated.

As they exited the building Lanche sprayed explosive foam around the doorway, blowing it as they moved across the forecourt to stop there pursuer.
Reaching the the truck Lanche fired up the engine as Pierre began franticly messaging June and Jimmy to get out.
They sped away from the scene, heading for the warehouse where they had begun the night watching Jimmy and June jack into the net.

Not one of their messages had been replied to, and as they stepped from the truck the silence of the night left a foreboding in their hearts.
They moved quickly into the warehouse. Even through the dim light their eyes picked up the shape of the two figures slumped on the floor.
As they rushed to them Pierre’s tomographic sight told him what he feared most, reaching June’s body he collapse in tears scooping up her lifeless form.
Lanche knew why the French man was crying, and he knew it was something he shouldn’t, feeling a pulse on jimmy’s body he busied himself pulling the half melted trodes from Jimmy’s head.
His work done he lifted the unconscious Jimmy to his shoulder and carried him out to the truck. Placing the body into the back he lifted his head, he could hear the sound of sirens in the distance.
He looked at the warehouse, there were no signs of movement from inside, then back to the truck and Jimmy’s unconfused body. The sirens were getting louder, they needed to leave.

Pierre felt a hand on his shoulder.
“She’s gone, we need to go too”
The troll’s voice came slow like treacle pouring, the grip tightened on his shoulder as the hand lifted him to his feet. June’s lifeless body slipped from his arms.
He looked back at Lanche. His hand patted the trolls and with a slight nod he released his grip and turned to leave.
Pierre stooped once more. Kissing his hand and placing it against her lips he then reached behind her neck.

I sat up my shoulder aching the room was cold and dark tears began to stream down my face just as they had done that day, how long had it been? How many time had I woken crying since then?
I looked at the clock , 5am , still early I thought reaching over to the dresser I lifted the locket by its chain and coiled it into my hand, holding it tightly I lay back in bed still crying. I was glad no one was hear to see me like this, Pierre the hard man reduced to tears by a nightmare.

I sterd again this time the clock said 11am , June’s locket was still clutched in my hand, I placed it back on the dresser, and pulled my self from my bed.
Last night had been a total fuck up, and I had a much to blame for that than any one, Lanche and Bum-Hug where they OK did they get clear, I sent off a couple of quick texts.
There was no reply from Bum-hug but Lanche came back almost immediate with an invite to Cal’s for a beer, Cal’s I thought this could be interesting!

I arrived at Cal’s around midday in a taxi not wanting to risk my bick on the streets encase the plates had been made last night, staying on the street I pushed the door of the bar open and court Cal’s eye.
“we cool?”
“That depends Pierre is there going to be a problem in my bar?” The orc’s words were stern but I new how to handle my self.
“Of course not.. and if there is Cal ill solve it for you” I said stepping in brazenly as I watched the ork drop his head and shake it.
Lanche was all ready seated and as I approched he pushed one of the two beers he had in my direction, “cheers , sorry about last night I had to crash,you cope OK?”
“not a problem mate, its all sorted the body and the car are gone”
we decust the events of last night for awiel bringing each other up to speed with what we each new.

About one o’clock Jimmy arrived having messege to find us, he sat down shaking his head, “what it all went to plan didn’t it?”
“To plan, how was that the plan? We’re lucky we’re all still hear!”
“well the Kid ran out on us what can I say” I tried to sound like I knew he was in the wrong.
“The Kid Was Scared shitless and made a mustake you on the other hand, both of you what were you thinking” my head sank a little I new i’d fucked up, I new Lanche had, and Jimmy new it to.
I try to keep to my guns “well June would..”
“June is gone Pierre… we have a Kid on his first run who made a mistake” his word cut through me.
“now we need to start working as a team if we want to sort this shit out, If we want to make a go of this again”
Making a go of this getting back to earning some real money thats what this was about, I hated to admite it but Jimmy was right.
“right so we work to gether” I watched Lanche nod his approvel “ but the kid”
“you leave the Kid… you leave Gary to me Pierre” Jimmys voice caryed a note of finality about it.
I’d let him have that point, in words at least, but thats what it would be with Jimmy just words till the chips where down.
If we were going to work as a team the Kid needed to understand his life went hand in hand with the rest of owers, and there was no room for nerves in this game, i’d make shore he under stod that.
“The R,F,I,D tags on my bike are going to need rewriteing just in case, you gat the Kid to sort that out and ill leave him to you!” I wasn’t shore if the play would work Jimmy was so good at reading people, June had recond he new most people beter than they new them selfs.
“fine I’ll get Gary to look at your bike, but I want your word you won’t kill him” my play had worked.
“ don’t worry I’ll play nice” I’d said I’d play nice I hadn’t said I wouldn’t play….



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