15 Minutes

Pierre 2.5

The long drive home part 2

I stepped out into the cold night air angrily pulling my bike up and kicking the stand back, I winced, looking down I could see another bullet graze on my leg.
Fuck I thought as some think court my eye ahead of me.
Looking up, I started the bikes engine , as Jimmy approached.
“He in there?” “Non..”the reply was quick , curt and in French, I’d only ever head Jimmy speak French when he needed to and my English was good anoght that he didn’t need to, what was his game trying to smooth up to me?
He stood closer placing his hand on the handlebars of the bike.
“Not a good idea..” I growled back to him in French , revving the engine to remind him of the predicament he was standing in.
“We need him” need him, some stuck up rich kid playing at being a runner.
“Fucker hung us out to dry – Lanche is still out there” I swung an arm out showing the vastness of the city.
“We need him” he parroted the same shit “leave the kid to me” he said still keeping up his acsentless French.
“June would have!” “We don’t have June!” the word cut me off like a bullet shot and my mind blead back to what I had lost.
“We have a kid on his first job who is scared shitless… you brought this shit down on us, then Lanche made it worse… what were you thinking?!” I was reminded of when June had first scolded me for going off mission.
I felt my eye’s well at the thought of her, I wouldn’t cry, wouldn’t give the bastered that satisfaction.
“Get the fuck out of my way, Jimmy” I pushed my anger to the forefront of my thoughts, my anger at Jimmy at the Kid at my.. self!
“Leave the kid to me” I boded “ I going to Celesta’s”
“Now, get the fuck out of my way!” I switched to English to make it clear the conversation was over.
Jimmy stared for a moment trying to unnerve me, then stepped aside, and I dropped my mind in to the bike, feeling the road beneath my tyre’s as Jimmy faded to a dot in the rear camera.

It was late when I arrived at Celeste’s I pulled my bike up at the back of the building and pulled an old tarm other it, to keep it hidden.
Walking round to the front the two bullet wounds seamed to hurt more now, I pulled my coat off and inspected the wound to my shoulder it was little more than a graze but was bleeding profusely.
Folding the long coat under my good arm I pushed open the door and stept inside.
“I’ve been expecting you” came a warm voice from the far side of the large wooden desk.
“Expecting me?” “Jimmy was worried about you” she said stepping from behind the desk to meet me.
“Yer right! He has other things to worry about” she smiled as she reached him placing a hand to his cheek “you used to be friends?”
Her hand moved quickly to his shoulder “you’ve been wounded?”
“Perhaps you need some one to play doter’s and nurse’s with?” she smiled coyly as a young girl with shoulder length brunette hair and big blue eye’s stepped foreword nervously, but Celeste’s hand waved her back.
“Nicole” Nicole had been at La Maison Rouge since before I had come the Seattle and mainly just helped at the bar and cleaned rooms now.
“would you watch the desk for a while” Celeste lead me by the hand towards the stairs and I followed with out protest.
“Vous devreiz ente plus prudent” her French was warm and comforting a Parisian her self she sounded like home.
“I know… but things happen” I continued in French “Things always happen to you?” she said reaching the door on the third floor that lead to Pierre’s room.
She unlocked it and stepped inside “You should trust your friends more, you can’t do every think your self” “you don’t know what happened back then!”
“Only because you won’t tell me! And besides I can guess.. take off you shirt and trousers so I can clean those wounds properly” her words came as a request as she pushed me back onto the bed and pulled the med pack from my belt.
“Jimmy’s a good man.. there was a time when you’d have taken a bullet for him with out a thought”
I dweled on her words, she was right, I blamed Jimmy for what happened back then it wasn’t his fault, I new that and he couldn’t have saved her, but I blamed him just the same!
“There all patched up, you know one day your lucks going to run out it might be an idea to have some one there to help you when it happens?” she smiled and ran a figure across the top of my sinfetic hair.
“thank you” my words seamed less than worthy of my deat to her.
“you have no need to thank me Pierre you know that” she smiled warmly as she left the room closing the door behind her.



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