15 Minutes

Mr Hughes' bad day

No plan survives first engagement

GM’s note: This is the article that Steeleye found that led to the whole Hughes scenario. None of you read it at the time, but since the situation has gone somewhat south you might want to see if the information was worth it.

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Trouble at the Top!

What’s going on at Dunning-Kruger?

Greetings, fellow followers of the fickle fates of the fairly rich and not-so-famous!
Now I know you fine folks come here to feast your minds on the falls from grace of those more fortunate than yourselves, and what better to fuel that fire than a firsthand account of the fracturing of a firm friendship?
How about if that friendship features last weeks ‘Golden Boy’, The rising star of Dunning-Kruger (more like Dunning-Who-Cares!) himself, Mr. John Conrad!
But don’t just take it from me, this account comes from the anonymous blog of a colleague of theirs! Turns out Conrad’s mentor and helping hand on the stairway to success, Marcus Hughes (also a former Golden Boy of the Week), isn’t the most popular amongst his co-workers. Poor Mr Hughes. But lucky you! Because stick with ol’ Bernie and you may well find yourself riding the wavefront of calamity for Dunning-Who-Cares!

“Hughes has been worse than ever the last few months and when it comes to Hughes that’s really saying something. He’s been picking on his immediate underlings even more than normal, and he’s even branched out to taking it out on the warehouse staff as well. Fucker never leaves his office and now he’s taking strolls down to the floor to yell at people for shifting pallets too slow”

So, folks, what do we think is getting to dear Mr Hughes? Hold that thought, and lets compile some more evidence shall we?

First up we have today’s wonderful news (for you at least, my dear audience) that Hughes dropped the ball BIG TIME, and it’s come round to bite him. This is where Conrad comes into the story. now as you may recall from Conrad’s recent Golden Boy of the Week, Hughes has been the man pulling the strings behind his meteoric rise to prominence in the company. Now to some it may have seemed like Hughes was just dropping all the risky accounts on his young protege and letting Conrad take the risks, but either through dumb luck or some seriously good judgement Conrad managed to come away from everything stronger than ever. However of late things seem to have gone a little sour. Hughes has started taking on risks himself rather than palming them off to his apprentice, and it’s finally gone wrong.

Now the real question is WHY have the two bosom buddies parted ways? Could it have anything to do with Hughes’ apparent estrangement from his beautiful wife, Heiress and tennis superstar, Jenna Halton? Reports say they haven’t been appearing together at the usual functions and galas, and Hughes has been becoming more and more reclusive as whatever crisis he’s embroiled in continues to build.

Don’t forget folks, our buddy Conrad is the very definition of a playboy rich kid. Never photographed with the same girl twice, he seems to be working his way through Seattle’s C-list with no signs of letting up the pace. Could Halton be his latest target? or even his latest conquest? Has the student finally become the master?

Keep reading, beloved audience, you’ll hear all the sordid truths here as they unfold.


GM’s note: This message was originally visible to Steeleye alone. Given more recent events he doesn’t have need for secrets any more, so here you go

Mr Steele,
Under normal circumstances I would be inclined to allow the team to continue at their own pace without interference, however circumstances have aligned to provide us with an opportunity that simply cannot be missed.
One of Dunning-Kruger’s top execs, Marcus Hughes, has just made a catastrophic error of judgement with one of his top accounts. This has happened before, and his strength as a businessman lies in how strongly he he has always bounced back, but it will certainly have rattled him.
The story has gone to press but as D-K are such a small company it hasn’t caught too much major attention, but I’m sure you can stumble across it in the course of your research.

This may be our only chance to get to the normally unshakable Hughes. He’s already having a bad day, make it worse. He kicked a gambling habit many years ago, but with the right nudge you might be able to tempt him back. His favourite casino lies across a fairly nasty part of town, not a problem when he’s driving but if something should happen to his car and his commlink he’s going to have a very unpleasant walk home.

Break Hughes, tonight. Stretch him to breaking point then give him something to take his long repressed anger out on, and if you want to impress the others, make them think it was your idea…

Mr Johnson



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