15 Minutes

Gary 3.1


So we had all kissed and made up. Beautiful. We were all feeling fresh from a few weeks off and flush from the cool ¥10K Mr. Johnson had wired to us for successfully bringing Dunning-Kruger’s relationship with the Red Hats to an end. I had used the time productively. I had upgraded the Flyspies to increase their operational radius by tenfold and had even managed to construct an entirely new drone to add to my squadron. I nicknamed it ‘Drone 5’ a bit unimaginative I admit, but it was only a temporary name while I came up with something cooler. I had also fixed Pierre’s bike and in doing so fixed our relationship. Kind of. At least he didn’t want to kill me now.

Mr. Johnson had called us all together to debrief and to give us our next mission. We turned up at an old warehouse in some industrial estate near the docks. Everyone was impressed with my new threads and as we sat down around a basic desk which stood alone in the large room there was a strange atmosphere. Almost… camaraderie? Our next mission was to be something a bit more definite and enclosed. We had 24 hours to extract a scientist from his lab against his will. Corporate espionage then. The company was a small player called Orban Inc. – not very powerful but known as a breeding ground for talent. The target was one Prof. Henry Wolfram, the current head of research for Orban. Clearly he had been attracting a lot of attention of late. The wrong kind of attention.

We moved out with an efficiency I had never seen before and without Ghost too! We all piled into Lanche’s van and drove over to Orban to scope it out. On the way I sent my newly modified drones out to scan the area and maintain a camera presence while I dug up as much detail on the target building as possible. I managed to bring up a floorplan which I distributed to the team and began to break into the node to access cameras and security measures. I couldn’t proceed too far until the team on the ground were ready to go in case I tripped an alarm. We decided to wait until nightfall to launch the full attack as we knew Wolfram liked to stay late and catch up on work.

Jimmy, Lanche and Pierre worked out their ground attack then we sat and waited in the van until the time was right. I went on a sneaky Tactical Chunder run while the others were out then we just sat there eating Chunder and chatting like old buddies as we waited for show time.




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